The nosy encounter

The sun shone bright and pleasant that morning. I stepped out of my home to warm up a bit. I walked through the garden, carefully wading through the bushes that no one had bothered to trim. I settled on the spot beside the big door. That was the spot I generally occupied when I needed time to introspect. It was my spot.

Last night had been sluggish. I had overeaten. A lot of food had come my way and I couldn’t refuse it. I always had that problem of never being able to say no to food. So, presently, I felt fat and heavy.

As I sat indulging in such reflections, a girl walked past me. She seemed preoccupied. She completely missed me. It happened all the time. I had always been good at being obscure. I shrugged in my head and paid no attention to her. But suddenly, the girl stopped dead in her tracks. Something or someone had bewildered her.

She delicately retraced her steps in reverse. She stopped where I sat and peered uncertainly at me. She moved an inch closer. She had a nose too big for her face. She stared at me with wondrous eyes, took a sharp breath and whispered something unintelligible.

“Do I have something in my face?” I thought, quite offended by her stare. I was about to tell her how rude it is to gawk at others before she suddenly jumped and ran, leaving me startled in the process. I backed up a bit. I was alarmed by her queer behaviour.

I told my racing heart to calm down. Females could be odd sometimes. Or so I thought from my many encounters with them. How many of them I had mesmerized exhibiting my macho push-ups I couldn’t say! The same number had also been disgustedly driven away by my display of strength. It might seem rather bizarre, but push-ups had always been my area of expertise.

I had hardly reached the end of my train of thought when the curious girl appeared huffing and panting from the big door. “Oh! Not again,” I thought. I moved further away from her, being as inconspicuous as I could. I had worn green that day. I hoped I was camouflaged in the lush green garden.

But the prying girl spotted me and treaded edgily towards me. None that I had come across before had been this inquisitive. Sluggish as I was, I stopped moving, assuming this eccentric girl posed no threat. I let her come closer and take a good look at me. I stared her in the eye with my neck held high. My very poise, I thought, showed her how indignant I had been from her rude stare before she went away, blatantly aghast.

She came uncomfortably close to me. She quickly but quietly flicked a big bulky camera out of a bag and pointed it at my face.

“What the-?” I thought.

Click click click she went on, non-stop with the machine.

There’s only so much attention a living being can take. I refused to bear with her unreasonable behaviour anymore. I was unable to say a word in my intense fury but I had to let her know how offended I was and how obnoxious she was.

I turned around, changed my colour from green to yellow, flashed my long tail in her face and scuttled away irritably back into my cool hole in the wall, where there was no place for such nonsensical peculiar encounters.


4 thoughts on “The nosy encounter

  1. Hi Swathi,

    i’v never stayed back in office to read a blog, I mean I never read to be honest. However waiting for client at my office from 7 – 8PM found time & read all your 50 Blogs (46 to be honest – missed out the FC ones, cause I know how an ardent Arsenal fan would rumble about Football) in one go, & never wanted to run out of blogs to read.

    Your blogs were like a bag of chips (sorry for the bad comparison), u can’t stop munching till you get to the last bit. Amazing stories, well traveled & expereinced & as I said I never used to read anything except the price of gold, US Dollar, Euro & the world politics (essential for my business), this was an amazing find to read for rather dull day….. Many thanks for sharing your experiences, you probably don’t know me & never heard of. Anyway awaiting for the next blog very eagerly.

    Yours Truly,
    Mad Blog Fan,


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