An angry post from a furious animal lover

Warning: This is a very angry post!

I was a fool to think Iceland was my dream country until today. I had seen so many videos of Sigur Ros, downloaded their discography and dreamed of the country like a teenage girl would dream of her first kiss. I had such a romantic idea of the county until I read this:

Iceland has resumed its commercial hunting of fin whales after a two-year suspension by landing the first of an expected 180 whales in Hvalfjördur.

You can read the full report here.

The report has a video attached to it. It was shot by an undercover videographer from GreenpeaceIt’s the most outrageous video I’ve seen of late. I generally tend to avoid watching animal cruelty videos as they affect me way too much. But this just appeared on my twitter feed. And I saw it. I saw them bring the whale ashore, wash it, cut it up and everything.

It’s ridiculous how some people have the tenacity to dig so deep into the ocean, find an animal that is endangered and eat it. Fucking ridiculous. I’ve written reports on zoophilia and read extensively about illegal slaughter and such things. None of them have affected me as much as this did. Maybe I feel betrayed because it was Iceland. Or maybe it’s just the video of the big helpless whale just being cut into pieces by miniscule ruthless good-for-nothing humans.

A fin whale with her babies

Maybe it was the fact that the whale could have had a baby is what set me off. What if the baby is now helplessly crying? I hate Disney for making Finding Nemo. Everytime an animal is being mistreated I make a Disney movie from its point of view and then get really depressed. I wasn’t wrong anyway. Fin whales live in families, which are groups of about 10 to 15 whales.

Their species is now endangered. What does that mean? You all know what that means. But where does that stand exactly? Well, there is Threatened, Vulnerable, Endangered, Extinct in the Wild and Extinct. You’re hardly going to find pet fin whales. So you can eliminate the “in the wild” difference. So basically, they’re one step away from being extinct. And people still want to hunt them down and eat them.

This is just terribly wrong. I know I can’t generalise and hate the entire country of Iceland. But it’s just the most heartless, barbaric and murderous thing man can do.

This news made me more of a misanthrope than ever.


4 thoughts on “An angry post from a furious animal lover

  1. I really appreciate your thoughts.. Poor animals.. No matter small or big , humans hunt everything as if they got no plants to eat.. Man is the only creature who is afraid of his own species (terrorism, murderers etc)..
    As u said good-for-nothing humans is a much valid statement..

    Thanks Swathi!!


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