India, you need some editing

This post is inspired solely by ten minutes of a hockey match I watched a couple of days ago. It was India vs. Australia, Hockey World League, happening at Rotterdam. Apparently because India lost that match they lost an opportunity to get a direct ticket into the Hockey World Cup happening at Hague in 2014. I have no interest in hockey whatsoever. I just watched it because it was happening at Rotterdam, just like I watched Obama’s speech because it happened in Berlin, at the Brandenburg Gate. It felt good to think Oh I stood at that exact spot where Obama is standing! That was about it.

Hockey is India’s national sport. I expected some solid play by the the Indian national teamChak De style. But pfft! Australia scored within two minutes and through the first ten minutes, they maintained 70% possession. Australian players just flowed through seemingly stationary Indians, like a speedy bike weaving through traffic. It was almost embarrassing to watch if you ask me. I couldn’t even follow the ball, that’s how pacey it was! Defender after defender was left disgruntled as the Oz players swiftly slipped through, passing the ball with insane control.

Indians on the other hand, tried hard but played solo and failed. I think I saw them make one or zero passes when they did have the ball. Why does everyone play so selfishly? Maybe that’s why our country is progressing so slowly! Everyone plays for themselves alone. Not only hockey. Everywhere. Politicians just need their BMW’s and Bentleys. Corporation workers just need their pockets filled. Policemen? Don’t even ask.

Also it made me feel India is losing many of its national elements. The national symbols aren’t powerful enough to be national symbols anymore. The national animal is now a threatened species with just above 1000 of them in India. The national sport, we just discussed its condition. Most Indians don’t even know we have a national aquatic animal, the Gangetic dolphin, and it’s quite obvious that it is endangered if it has to survive in present day Ganga. I don’t know if national symbols are significant in any way, but we ought to do something about it if they are going to remain our national symbols.

India’s pride, the peacock.

All this is reminding me of how a bunch of us had created a country called Bartland in an Art of Living summer camp during 2003. Wow that’s ten years ago. I feel old. Anyway, we were made to create a country, a national language, a national anthem and everything. I think that’s what the country needs. Maybe it’s the time India took such exercises seriously and rebuilt the country.

Now I’m not saying that I hate this country and I want everything changed. I love this country and would live nowhere else. And trust me, it means a lot saying that after having visited Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Malaysia, Singapore and parts of the United States of America. (Phew!) All I’m saying as a good citizen who loves her country is that we need to change certain things, right from tiny things such as fixing pot holes to reducing the massive divide between the income groups of the country.

I know the fact that we need a change is nothing new but I just needed somewhere to put down my thoughts. :) Good day to you!


3 thoughts on “India, you need some editing

  1. As we knw there has been taken lots of initiatives and measures in the past years to protect such endangered species, but the fact is that still place like kajaringa which is famous for the one horned rhinoserous has failed to ensure saftey to this endangered species, …


      1. definately, change is wat we belive in and one has to do it himself, instead of waiting for things to get worsen…


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