A never ending case of paedophobia

So I was walking to the parlour today at around 3:30 in the evening. The road in front of my house was pleasantly quiet with a couple of vehicles slowly trudging by. You see, I live on a main road, but a calm one. It has trees bending over high above the road protectively and residential buildings along with a few Jockey and Just Bake sort of intruders. I call them intruders mostly because they are useless here. There is also a Baskin Robbins, which we have embraced with much dearness.

Anyway, getting to the point, as I was walking, I turned around a corner into a cross road and stopped dead in my tracks. It was 3:30, the exact time when the school bell had rung and little brats had escaped their daily prisons. What was I thinking! 

I almost decided to turn away and go the parlour later, but then I knew I’d be lazy later. I had to get it done with. So I walked through the jungle – wait, no! I like animals! Not jungle – through err… a sea of grey uniforms that were wayyy longer than they should be. I tried not to make eye contact with any of them. I put my nose into my phone and walked on.

Two fat little girls walked hand-in-hand past me, the girl closer to me swinging her lunch bag and whacking me in my shin. I couldn’t say a word, because after I all, I was currently encroaching upon their territory. Next, two boys, most likely having had their sudden growth spurt, walked past towering over me, very awkwardly handling their recently gained height.

School’s out!! Yayyyy! (Snarl Growl Grunt Pghghgfhg)

Private school vans, those white omnis, (God I hate them!) dangerously maneuvered into different cross roads housing twenty people more than it ought to.  The school’s school van, stood in one corner, blaring it’s annoying musical honk with absolutely no regard for anyone’s eardrums. Parents who had come to pick up their kids, rode carelessly after having spotted and loaded their kids onto their bikes. One of their mirrors smacked me in my arm. But would that daddy care? Uh’uh! His job is done! He’s out!

A bunch of kids walked slowly with their backpacks hanging low on their bags, kicking every stone in their sight. The whole area was engulfed in the smell of childhood sweat mixed with playground mud. The sound of those tiny nippers shouting their good-byes more to grab attention than to say good-bye hurt my ear.

They’re all like Dudley Vernon

I had almost walked past the school zone, when to my horror, it began pouring! These clouds come down on us without as much as an inkling. Especially today, it was so sudden, it didn’t start with a drizzle. It began with an all out thunderstorm. And a school zone is not a good place to be when this happens.

As I stood there with my eyes wide in horror, chaos ensued before me. Kids ran helter-skelter in all directions, screaming, pulling, pushing and holding each other by their bags. It was more crazed out than a Machine Head mosh pit. I kid you not. That was when I sped up, and half ran out of there.

We’re not that cweepy. (Yeah right.)

I have always been afraid of kids. Some just stand there and stare like they know exactly what you’re thinking. Others just blurt out what they are thinking, which is not always a good thing. My very bold and brave niece once asked a dwarf lady, “eh why are you so short? Didn’t you eat when you were a kid?” I could never look at that dwarf lady without smiling to myself again. (No offense to my niblings (yes that’s a word) I love each one of them like they are my own.No offense to the dwarf lady either.)

Anyway, just consider this a warning. When school has just left, you do NOT want to be there or anywhere in the vicinity of the college. I shudder to even think of it.



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