The ‘key’ to inner-peace.

I’ve had a craving to play keyboard (piano, synthesizer, call it what you want) for a while now. Maybe a month. I’m not much of a musician. Actually I’m not one at all. I used to play keyboard back when I was 8. It came to me naturally. But I made nothing of it. It is now time to do something about the (self-assumed) hidden talent.

I’m off, tomorrow, to select a keyboard to buy with my hard earned money. I had made a list of things I wanted to buy for other people with my first salary (a football, a basktetball, a pair of shades, a sub from Subway, a vaccum cleaner, the list gets more and more absurd). But who cares about other people, right? I want a keyboard. I’m going to get one.

Found this picture of 6-year-old (ridiculous looking) me posing with a dysfunctional keyboard
Found this picture of 6-year-old (ridiculous looking) me posing with a dysfunctional keyboard

I’m not sure how I’m supposed to zero in on a keyboard. Of course I have a set budget and I want a keyboard that has a nice piano sound. I don’t care much for the other sounds. But how am I supposed to recognise the best sound? I’m not that into music to understand the tone, the bass and whatever else there is to understand. I have seen my friends play guitar and they can tell the slightest mistake in a note. But I can never tune my guitar correctly (Yes, I used to play guitar sometime and never even got to tuning it). I used to play Nothing Else Matters to identify EBG and the low E. For the other two notes, D and A, I didn’t know a song that simple, so I never learnt their sounds.

It’s an art to be able to teach someone guitar. Unfortunately, a rare art. I used to go for classes. A guitar teacher must understand where the student is coming from. If a person picks up a guitar it’s because he has listened to Kirk Hammit or Slash and wants to play like them. The first day I went for class, my teacher taught me Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and then he played Chura Liya Hai Tumne Jo Dil Ko to show me how well he can play. I never went back there.

It’s best to learn by yourself. If you need to be able read notes, you can probably take someone’s assistance, but music is something that comes naturally to you. I don’t think you can learn music technically from someone. It’s something that you create. Of course you need to know which two notes sound good together. But that’s your choice. If they sound pleasant to you, it ought to be good enough. It’s just like photography. If you like the picture, it’s good enough for you. After all, you’re doing it to make yourself happy. At least that’s why I want a keyboard.

I want to be able to play everyday after coming from work. The sound of a piano is just so pleasant. I think it will ease my mind and have the same effect that meditation has on one’s mind. It will refresh me and calm me down. I just hope the plan doesn’t go haywire. Imagine I completely go berserk about not being able to learn a particular tune and smash everything around me! Not cool.

Anyway, I’m gonna go choose a keyboard. Oh no wait! I’m going to let the keyboard choose me. I’m hoping something Harry Potter-esque happens when I test the right keyboard.

I’m eleven inches long, made of holly and a phoenix feather. I choose you! 

Or should it be

I have 76 keys, 32 notes and I am too big for your room (but I’m not going to have the Dark Lord hunt you down). I choose you! 

Harry Potter

I’m looking forward to it! Will let you guys know which one I picked when I play my first cover ever.

That could take a while.

Good day! :)


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