Here, eat a fetus.

I just read the most infuriating article about the most revolting meat you’ll ever eat. The worst part is, the people who eat it aren’t disgusted at all. You see, I’m a vegetarian by choice. I’m a hopeless animal lover. I haven’t tasted meat (unless you count the crumby part of chicken popcorn that was forced upon me. I hated it btw). I eat egg at times. I tried quitting it but then I met someone who makes the tastiest cheese omlettes and unfortunately he taught me how to make it.

But every time I eat an egg, I think abortion abortion abortion. I have had my friends try and convince me a million times that the egg isn’t fertilized; the egg is farm produced; it isn’t going to hatch. But I can’t help but feel like I’m sinning every time I crack an egg and look at the yolk plop into a bowl – yolk  that might or might not have turned into a cute little chick.

But this article I read has removed all my guilt. I saw the picture the article carried and I kid you not, it made me gag. Forget removing guilt. This fetus-eating habit just made me furious! What? Didn’t get it? FETUS EATING! It’s called Balut and it’s a fertilized duck egg with an embryo inside. It is boiled with the live unborn baby inside and eaten with a fork with some seasoning. It is popular in South East Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, etc).

Read about it here. There is a video there. I can’t get myself to see it.

I am at a loss for words, honestly. How can anyone be so disgusting! Ugh! What’s more? They have annual Balut eating competitions in Manhattan. Whoever eats the most number of unborn babies wins! This barbaric competition happens in America, supposedly the super-power-most-developed-most-forward country. I’d probably even oppose someone in Man vs Wild eating this, but perhaps not with as much angst.

See, I think I am pro choice. My rationale behind it was “if you’re going to treat the girl like shit when she is grown up, might as well finish her off before she’s born, before she goes into depression and feels suicidal and kills herself anyway.” Ok that is quite a morbid description. Erase it from your mind if you like. But I haven’t given it much thought really. I haven’t studied the pros and cons of abortion or anything. What I think, is, If a woman has a problem with the baby, and if she wishes to do so, she can opt to terminate it. It’s her life, it’s her decision to make.

Now when you eat an animal’s growing baby (whether it’s in her tummy or in an egg), isn’t it like plucking someone else’s baby off her womb and eating it without her consent? Aren’t you violating some rule? If not a rule of law, aren’t you violating basic human sense? Why do humans have to be so cruel and uncivilized? I’ll never understand.

Just remember, the next time you’re eating a fetus, imagine yourself or your wife to be pregnant and someone else eating your unborn baby.


3 thoughts on “Here, eat a fetus.

    1. It isn’t any different. It’s plain revolting. Open that site. You’ll know what I’m talking about. If I start writing angry stuff about people eating chicken, they’re not going to bother. But I think people have a thing for babies unlike grown animals.


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