On Independence Day I saw…

– A bunch of school kids walking back from home after flag hoisting

– A bunch of girls who had bunked the flag hoisting and gone to Eva mall

– Two army men standing fully geared outside the army quarters, holding huge rifles, making unnerving eye contact with passersby

– A man freeing his bladder from all the pressure on the army premises

– Goats, that were until then tied up to be cooked, running berserk on crowded streets

– A man standing in the middle of MG road and waving the massive tricolour gloriously trying to get someone to buy it

– A group of four strong and powerful looking women in burkhas sitting in the back of a truck looking angrily at nothing in general

– A man skipping a signal and getting away with it

– The members of a slum hoisting a flag and worshiping a picture of Mahatma Gandhi

– The members of a slum hoisting a flag and worshiping a picture of BR Ambedkar

– Crows rummaging through garbage

The Ugly Indian cleaning up that garbage

– Autos and buses plying with an India flag flitting, sometimes vainly and sometimes proudly, above them.

– Clouds bursting with emotion and emptying themselves down onto the quiet city

– Water spurting out in explosions out of a water truck

– A man spitting out water generously onto the road while sitting in his tempo traveler

– A boy no more than 14 riding a two-wheeler with his mother sitting behind him

It was a quiet independence day. Everyone minded their own business. I wish I had taken my camera with me today. But if I had taken my camera, I would wish I wasn’t cooped up in office. But I got a lot of work done today. So I guess it was a day well spent overall.

Well, feel free to feel independent! Good day!


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