Bengaluru FC, an introduction

Ok this post is for all those of you who follow football but have no clue about the I-League and its new born team, Bengaluru FC! Starting today, I, along with a friend, Nischal Naidu, whom, for covenience we’ll be referring to as Naidu, will be writing previews and reviews of all Bengaluru FC’s games and I’m warning you right now, the posts will be biased. We are fans of Bengaluru FC! Just FYI, Naidu has been playing football for many many years and is also a fellow Gunner. He knows quite a bit about European and Indian football and will be writing opinion columns as well.

But here is the thing, I, personally, have no clue about the team. So during my learning process, I’m going to acquaint all you noobs with namma team. Alright, this is going to take just a few minutes. Let’s start.



First and foremost, recognise your team’s logo. Bengaluru FC

The logo has the outline of the Bangalore Palace and the two headed mythical bird is called the Gandaberunda and is apparently the emblem of Karnataka. You can read more about it here. 



Shawn Rooney
Sean Rooney

That’s what the jersey looks like. Personally, I’m not too fond of it. Looks a bit tacky to me. I don’t like the way JSW is sprawled across the front. But it hardly matters.


JSW Steel Company. As the name suggests, it’s an Indian steel company based in Maharashtra, with its headquarters in Mumbai (du’uh). The company obtained rights to run the team with a three year relegation-freeze, that means Bengaluru FC doesn’t get relegated no matter what for three years (yay!), because JSW is helping out overall football infrastructure in the city in return. The CEO is Parth Jindal, just so you recognise it if his name props up somewhere.



Ashley Westwood
Ashley Westwood

Ashley Westwood. He is a former Manchester United youth football graduate and was also an assistant coach at Blackburn (that Venky’s team). He was a defender for as long as he played (15 years) and has managed several others teams apart from Blackburn (Blackpool, Portsmouth, etc).
Pradhyum Reddy is the assistant manager. He previously managed Shillong Lajong and has some experience with players who were on the same team before. That might be a good thing because he has watched the other teams play as well, as opposed to Westwood, who is new to the I-League.



I’m just going to put down names of all players and their positions. The pictures are in the order of the list of players given below. Scroll your mouse over the pictures (second set) to see their names.

The squad
The squad

Pawan Kumar– Goalkeeper. He is an experienced goalkeeper and has played for teams like Air India, Salgaocar and JCT.
John Johnson– English defender who has formerly played with Middlesborough in the English Premier League
Curtis Osano– Kenyan defender who played with Reading from 2005-08
Rino Anto- Defender. He was on the Mohun Bagan squad but doesn’t really have much experience. A relatively new player.
Lalrozama Fanai– Defender. Again he has little experience with Mohun Bagan.
Johnny Menyongar– Liberian midfielder who has played previously for Dempo, United Sikkhim and Shillong Lajong
Malemngamba Meetei– Midfielder. He was part of Bangalore’s previous HAL team.
Thoi Singh– 22-year-old midfielder. Although he has been at Mahindra United, Salgaocar and United Sikkhim, he has had negligible experience.
Siam Hangal- Midfielder. He played for Palian Arrows before. (There is no picture of him.)
Sean Rooney– Australian striker who is here on a one year contract. When this guy was signed, headlines read “Bengaluru FC signs Rooney!” Oh journalism’s cheap tactics to get people to read!
Sunil Chettri– Striker. He has played previously for Mohun Bagan, Dempo, East Bengal, Chirag United and more. He is currently the captain of the Indian National Team
Robin Singh– He is so cute. Oh wait. What? Sorry. He is a striker who, until recently, played for East Bengal, and is likely to be used as a substitute

Also, there is a rule that only four foreigners are allowed to play on a particular team.



I just got this off of

Well, hope you learnt some little bit about the team. We play Mohun Bagan on the coming Sunday and we have another home game next week. But we’ll tackle it one at a time. Will write up a preview tomorrow! Or maybe i’ll just write reviews. Let’s see, Whatever works. Good luck for Sunday everyone! Just in case you want to know names of the other teams, check out the league table below. We’re on top at the moment! Yeah!

LEague table

Gooooooooo Bengaluruuuuuuuuuu!!

PS: All posts related to Bengaluru FC will be under the category ‘Bengaluru FC.’ And do follow this blog to be updated about future posts. Don’t worry, I won’t spam you! Thank you for reading!


13 thoughts on “Bengaluru FC, an introduction

  1. Hope this club does not shut down, due to financial reasons,like we have seen from various indian clubs, coz owner don get any profit out of I league, but BFC hav done a great job til nw, congrats to team management, an wish Ashley westwood boys all the best.swati u to gud luck, welcome to indian football, an happy to see this blog….


  2. Awesome to finally have a bangalore based football club in the i league, seems like a long time ago

    Anyone know if they have any tryouts for youngsters in their B squad or reserves team.


  3. It would be great if you could update player numbers with their names . After the last game , we know their numbers and not their names and it is a sin to no the the names of players in our home team!

    Also some players are missing , like Vishal , keegan and others.

    Glad to have found this post , keep writing :)


  4. I was lucky enough to watch the game from the VIP stands and the JSW chairman Mr Sajjan Jindal himself who was sporting a special white BFC jersey was seated just two rows away from me. Incidentally he completed his engineering from MS Ramaiah college in Bangalore, which may or may not be one of the reasons why he chose Bangalore as the city in which he decided to start BFC.

    The atmosphere was great right from arriving at the stadium gates, I even told my friend that this is how it would probably a bit like what it would have felt like to arrive at Highbury Stadium on a match day. Yeah I’m an Arsenal supporter too and I was quite please to see a quite a good number of spectators in our area wearing Arsenal shirts.

    The renovated stadium looked great and is a far cry from when I came to watch some I-League Div 2 games earlier this year.

    I’m from Mizoram and three of BFC’s players are also from Mizoram so me and my friends were quite excited to watch them play although only one of them played in yesterday’s game.

    Since it was their first game I think the players are yet not totally playing at their best but that understanding will come in time. Looking forward to the next game already this coming Sunday!


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