A call to wake up the writer in you

(Starting abruptly because I can’t think of a better way to start)

In Deccan Chronicle, we have a column where we get bloggers to write something Bangalore-related. Unfortunately, they’ve given me the job of scouring the internet and finding a good blog to publish. You will not believe how difficult that job is. You probably think, Oh! There are so many blogs. Hell no! Do the job once and you’ll know how hard it is. I’m just upset about people not writing. Not because it makes my job difficult, although that’s one of the issues, even otherwise, why don’t any of you write? 

I’m sure half the people on my friends list on Facebook are journalists or journalism students. I don’t see any blog posts being written! My teacher at ACJ made me make this WordPress page and it’s the best thing I’ve gotten out of the New Media classes. It’s such a blessing, this blog. All students were asked to make this page. But not one has maintained it. It’s so important to write! It helps you improve your grammar, your command over the language improves and you begin to have a way of putting your thoughts down. Most of you are really intelligent people, and have deep meaningful thoughts I’m sure. Why waste those thoughts? Put them down. 


Tyrion Lannister once said, ‘A mind needs a book like a sword needs a whetstone.’ I can’t agree more. Imagine if all those authors had decided not to write their books and just keep their thoughts to themselves. Well, I’m not asking you to write something deep, reflective and informative. I mean look at the load of crap I write and get away with! Look at the mindless stuff Varun Agarwal and Chetan Bhagat wrote and became best sellers! Take a look at the Twilight series! (Just kidding. Don’t even look at those). But trust me, it feels so good when random people text you or ping you out of the blue saying, “Nice write-up, can’t wait to read the next.”

It’s not so difficult at all! I’m sure some of you have blog pages that lay long-forgotten, asleep somewhere on the internet. You needn’t even write on a blog. My creative writing teacher had advised us to write just one page of something everyday; best advice ever. You can write about anything! You can build five paragraphs around something as tiny as a tweet you saw, or a little incident on the road, or an animal, a news article you read, a movie, a play, a match, a concert, chewing, taking a leak, anything. You could even challenge yourself to choose a different word each day and write about it. If you’re a journalist, it’ll help you immensely. Even otherwise, writing helps you remember better. I told my sister to write about her year-long stay in Amsterdam. She wrote for two days and forgot all about it. :-/ But I’ve written a little about my Euro trip, so I made tiny notes at all places I went to, and I remember all the places so well! When I read what I’ve written, I feel like I revisited the place.

Well, I’m not forcing you. But it’s a good habit to cultivate is all I’m saying. You don’t need to be able to write well either. I read this somewhere. It is one of the most important lines (for me) I’ve ever read. If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it. 
Just write as you would speak to someone. Learn a new word everyday. Click a picture to go along with it. Buy a new exciting pen or notebook (This always works for me. Recently found a Hero pen, the kind I used during my school days. Can’t stop scribbling writing neatly now). Make it a fun thing for yourself to do when you have free time.

Good luck with it.

PS: Here’s a blog I really like. She writes about anything and she makes it interesting. You could take inspiration from here.


12 thoughts on “A call to wake up the writer in you

  1. Hey Swathi,

    I used to believe that writing helps, just like you! I’d never recommend “everyone” to put down their thoughts in the form of a blog for couple of reasons. Let me explain.

    People write all the freaking time these days! Look at Facebook — some of your friends are updating status, trying to be creative and all. Many of them are sending text messages expressing their love, emotions, or thoughts.

    It’s important to note that all this put-your-thoughts-into-writing requires the use of “mind.” Our mind is not intelligent by itself. Mind and intelligence (read: the real truth or “Sat”) are two opposite poles. Our mind thinks. Intelligence, in its true self, has no thinking. If we believe the Gita, all humans will be intelligent after 4100 years.

    These thoughts oozing out of our mind are further expressed is always expressed in the form of words. My point is really simple: the more you think, the stronger are your beliefs.

    And these strong beliefs are the bricks that build our personality.

    Look at the person who is depressed all his/her life. First thing they would say to therapist is, “I am depressed all the time.” Where do these thoughts come from?

    It’s amazing how we, as humans, have progressed in many fields but we fail to answer a really simple question: Who am I? We haven’t explored ourselves yet and all we do is think — from our mind.

    Writing only makes us think harder. This is very powerful, which is why writing is very dangerous as well.

    I have had friends who used to write love poems years ago. Right now, they are still writing those love posts. Reason, again, is simple: they have this belief that writing helps them get away from depression. In fact, it’s strengthening their beliefs.

    On the positive side, if we write something encouraging every freakin’ time, we have surrounded with positive belief (also called: feelings) all the time.

    Oh yes, this was a little off topic but I couldn’t resist but share what I have learned over the years. :)


    1. Haha! That was interesting and insightful and a little too deep! :P Good stuff man. Yeah, I know people write all the time. That’s why I also mentioned that it could just be a page in a diary (at least that’s what I meant when I said not blog. If it’s something personal, it would be a better idea to keep it in a personal diary, which is also a habit I recommend!)

      Anyway, thanks for reading and thanks for the comment you anonymous person. :)


  2. I liked this post a lot. Particularly the part about making notes while exploring a foreign land (like you’ve done brilliantly O_O ).

    I try to encourage people to write. They’re so afraid of the keyboard, it’s disappointing. Worst part is, they’d kick ass at it.

    Also –

    “Take a look at the Twilight series! (Just kidding. Don’t even look at those).” HAHA :D
    You’ve added Tyrion in your tags. Win.


  3. “Take a look at the Twilight series! (Just kidding. Don’t even look at those)” Wow!! :D
    I think you just inspired me to start a blog!! Though I have no clue what to write about.
    But I’m gonna give it a try. :)
    Between, the report on BFC’s matches = superb.

    Sincerely yours,
    from one of y’all ;)


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