If I had just one year to live

Found gold in my old blog! I wrote this way back in 2009. It brought a smile upon my face, so thought I ought to share it. 

First of all, I will be super shocked. That will lead me to make hasty decisions and perform peculiar tasks. I will tell all my friends that I have only one year to live and watch them cry, just to feel good about myself, knowing that I’ll be missed. Jokes apart, before I kick the bucket, I will get a tattoo, go bungee jumping and maybe sky diving. Since I’m passionate about trekking, I will climb Mount Everest. If that is impossible, the half-done Kudremukh will do. Since I will die in a year, I will be ready to do anything dangerous.

I will go to my dream destination, London, and visit the Emirates stadium. I will definitely watch a match, my favourite team against the team I hate the most – Arsenal vs. Manchester United. I would love to meet my favourite player, my heartthrob, Theo Walcott. I will learn to play the guitar and play on stage once (Doesn’t matter how big or small the stage is).

I’ll go watch John Petrucci, Joe Satriani and Mark Tremonti play, wherever they perform. I will listen to music day and night till I die! I will spend the better part of my year with my family. I will watch Princess Diaries with Supriya how many ever times I can after watching all other legendary movies. I will call the writer of How I Met Your Mother and make him tell me how he met their mother. Hehe. I will take endless walks with Uttara on sixth main. I’ll talk over the phone to Pooja forever. I will eat blue berry cheesecake with Supriya ceaselessly. I’ll text I Ain’t and Strum till the end of time. I will make Su quit her studies and spend time with me. Make her shop for me and stuff. Those are the things I do most often. Basically, I won’t let anyone leave me alone. No, actually, I won’t leave them alone.

I will make sure I play for my college football team and win a trophy. I’ll spend a lot of time at Sankey. I will eat all the orange candy in the world. Time and again, I will go to Pizza Hut. I will eat benney dosey at CTR thrice a week. (I wouldn’t want to be fat when I die.) I will go to Hard Rock Café just once more. I will eat a rainbow Lolly Pop. I will dress myself up in a beautiful gown once and do my best to look nice. I would love to hold a tiger cub in my arms once. I will write a Will bequesting my most priced possessions to my favourite people. Last, but not the least, I will make it a point to report at least five minutes of News on ESPN, which would make me feel like a successful Journalist.

My collage
A collage of all my favourite things; I made it back in 2009. Every single thing is still relevant.

That was what I wrote four years back. Most of the things remain the same. Except my dream destination is not London. It’s probably Iceland. Theo Walcott is not my heartthrob. I am over him. But yes, I’d still love to watch Arsenal ruthlessly beat United at home. The guitar has turned into a keyboard. I’d love to perform on stage! And I’m not a fan of John Petrucci or Joe Sat anymore. But Mark Tremonti, yes. And also Steven Wilson. And I’ll probably add scuba diving to the list of adventure sports and add a couple of reptiles among the animals I’d wanna hold. 

Of course, the orange candy, benne dosey, the Princess Diaries, the blue berry cheesecake still remain. In fact, I went just today to CTR and Sankey. Texting still remains, the recipients and the mode of texting might have changed a bit. I always want to go to Hard Rock Cafe just once. I always want rainbow lolipop.

The writing-a-will bit will take a LONG time. I have too many people and too few things to give away. Hehe. And of course, ESPN will always be a dream, unless I get my lazy butt off this sofa and do something about it. It’s always good to have a dream though. 



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