Mother of all processions!

If you live in Malleswaram, somewhere around 8th main road, you probably witnessed this HUGE, endless procession! It was biggest procession I’ve ever seen in my life. Except maybe for the Disney parade. I’m talking about in Bangalore. It was mad! I’ve seen the annual procession of the Ganesha temple down the road before. I’d seen men hanging by the skin of their backs onto hooks and stuff. That procession was horrifying. I’d never do that if you offered me a million dollars. But this one was organised by (I overheard this when a dad was explaining to his daughter) the Gowd Saraswath Brahmins. It’s 11:20 pm and the procession is still on, the last portion of it is currently going past my house, with some God’s idol. I don’t know which. It was just such a nice, vibrant gathering with the streets lit up with flash lights and fire tricks and everything! I ran out with my camera, only to click some not-so-great pictures. It was simply fun.

So these guys turned up first. Krishna and Arjuna. The Krishna looked so much like the Krishna on TV! But I don’t think Arujuna is quite that fat.

Oh look at them posing for me!

They were in this grand chariot, which I didn’t get a picture of, because I was too close and I don’t have a wide angle lens. So next came the masked dancers. I don’t know if they’re masks. They’re costumes I guess. Gigantic costumes. Check this. You’ll know what I’m saying. 

Now generally, I avoid going close to all these people, because they’re all usually drunk. But today, there was just so much happiness in the air and the mood to celebrate engulfed everyone. Not to mention, there were so many policemen, I felt quite safe.

For some reason, this brave boy on the right side, went and punched that guy’s face. I witnessed it myself. But that guy never stopped smiling.

These dolls were followed by a massive mannequin with a 6 pack, spitting fire towards the sky, like he owned the world!

“That’s right! Bow down to me you weaklings! Who’s the king now, eh?”

Behind this guy, was a floating idol of Durga ma. She just floated all around the place and this guy who was handling it, tried his best to not let her crash into tree, because 8th main road is full of gulmohar trees.

Durga Ma was all over the place. I’m just saying she was omnipresent.

After that, was my favourite bit. It was this HUGE face of Kali ma, maybe. I’m bad with Goddess’s names, so forgive me and correct me if I’m wrong.

Do not miss the cigarette in his hand

Following this was a bunch of guys bursting a few crackers. So I went and hid under my blanket for a while. Then came a live version of Durga Ma, in a glorious chariot, full with her body guards and everything!

I was being stared at by raakshasas. :o

After that were the most enthusiastic boys! They’d put Lady Gaga to shame! They were even doing the exact same dance as her. Check this!

Don’t they really outdo Lady Gaga?
Don’t they?

Haha. Anyway. Following that, was the best set up for the night. It was this HUGE larger than life-size model of the Samudra manthana (churning of milk in the ocean), a story that appears in the Mahabharatha. It was astoundingly grand and fully functional. I mean the whole set-up rotated, to show that they were churning milk. I was truly amazed.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then there were a whole lot of random things. Like a huge truck full of kids. I don’t even know if something like that is legal.

Kinda scary, if you ask me

The rest of the night was just nice, with everyone in the neighbourhood having stepped out of their houses and caught up for a chat. It was such a welcome change after days and days of monotonous work and all that. We all just sat there, with the doggy, playing statue, gossiping, doing each other’s hair, etc. It’s nice to have such occasions once a year.

That’s about it.



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