An iron box, a job and a holiday craving

So I was ironing my dad’s uniform the other day and suddenly it struck me that he has been wearing the same clothes every single day for 34 years! I thought twelve years of having to wear uniform to school was too much. And here we have my dad, who, save Sundays, has been wearing a grey shirt with grey trousers and maybe five different pairs of shoes over those 34 years. The only change he has had is being shifted from inspecting the quality of porcelain to the quality of panel boards, and of course, a whole bunch of promotions. (After reading this, he is going to email me about his exact position at work, with a bunch of corrections of the technicalities.)

Appa uniform
Random picture alert

Now come to think of it, my mum has also been in service for the past 34 years, at AG’s office, sitting at a desk, signing here and there, cross checking pensioner’s names and addresses, having lunch with her friends and coffee in the canteen at 3 o’ clock. She has a few more years to go until she retires.

My sister just joined work a couple of months ago. She has worked at three different companies. Right now, I mean, as I’m writing this blogpost, she is sitting in Kerala, at a beach house, playing Scrabble with her husband. Last weekend, she was at Kodachadri, trekking to a peak with an insanely beautiful view.

And here I am, with six months of job experience, planning my next career-move, despite having a kickass job. I write about what I want, I’m given crazy freedom. I write about music, travel, fashion, food, art, dance, culture and lifestyle. It’s an 11 to 5 job. Could I want anything else? Yupp, I can! I think it’s a law of life to never be satisfied with what you have, to always want more. Or maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m a restless person, who can’t stick to a particular thing for long. Or maybe I just want a break. It’s no mean feat to go to work six months, with no weekends and take just four days off over the period of time. Right now, I’m craving for a  holiday. A beach, a hammock, a book, a beer, some pleasant music, just a simple break. Like this.

I want to relive this trip so bad that I have even chopped my hair off, ready to go!

But of course, everyone I know is busy. A friend of mine, Sudarshan, is travelling around every weekend, to anywhere he likes. Just deciding the previous day and backpacking. One of my editors just returned from Goa. Another one is leaving to Istanbul as I type. Ugh. I’m not happy for any of these people. I’m plain jealous. I wanna go on a holiday!

Keeping such cravings in mind, I have an ideal plan for my next career-move, my next job. I’m going to start an online travel show. (Don’t steal my idea you!) A lot of people will know that my dream was to be at Travel and Living/Animal Planet/ESPN. (The last one is headed in the opposite direction, I know, but if that’s a possibility, then why not? I love football, I love writing, I love being on camera. A Mayanti Langer-like job would be ideal. Might seem to far fetched, but what the hell! It’s nice to have a dream.) Anyway, like I said, I’d like to start an online travel show, discovering unseen places. Right now, it’s just a dot of a thought. Like an amoeba. It hardly exists but it does. Over 2014, I’ll build on this thought and come up with something legit, hopefully.

Although I do feel so vain sometimes, writing only about fashion, travel and such luxuries when I live in a third world country, where millions live without a concrete roof over their heads, there’s only so much I can do for them. When I’m equipped enough to help them, I will. Until then, I’ll continue to work on the features desk. Like my friend Aadi says, there is only negativity in the media today. Bad news everywhere. So let the main desk handle all the bad news, I’ll write features and spread happiness and optimism all over the place!

But I still want that holiday. And of course, my parents deserve a break, from their jobs. Maybe they don’t want it though. My dad has to retire in eight months and I’m sure he doesn’t want to. BHEL has been his life. That grey uniform has been his skin. But all good things come to an end and new good things rise out of the ashes.

So here’s to a LONG but seemingly short and eventful 2013!

(I’m not done for the year yet, in terms of this blog.)


One thought on “An iron box, a job and a holiday craving

  1. Congrats u reached that stage where ppl actually don’t know wat to do next, its times like this we actually come to know how spcial we as an individual are. liked ur posts for i m too confused to dislike anything .whatever the reason i felt oneness and peace. , finding some one on the same plane, ! I want to b a journalist but wat i want to do as a journalist i have no idiea few thongs elude me still. you are a gud writer i can read ur book. If its not the monk, who sold his ferrari types. Why don’t u write one. Love


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