My precious!

A month ago, I went fishing with my friend. Close to where Isildur died. As we swam in the river, looking for lunch, a rough torrent came along and took my friend with it. I panicked. I swam after him but in vain. He was gone forever.

While swimming back to the bank, I saw something at the bed of the river glint in the sun light.

One ring to rule them all

Absentmindedly, I picked it up. It was a beautiful gold ring. I was mesmerised by it. Alas! If only my friend were here to share this joyous moment with me, because I swear that is how he died. *Evil grin*

Ignore the rough, hobbit hands

Ever since, I have worn the ring on a chain around my neck, never taking it off. I think it has some sort of effect on me. Every time I’m about to take it off, I feel sick, I get a head ache and get dizzy. It belongs with me now. And it can never be taken away from me.


Interesting thing is, I dropped it in the fire place the other day.

And voila!

Nothing happened to the ring at all!

For some reason, I’d never thought to wear the ring. Something in my mind told me to never wear it. But it always called out to me. When it lay on my heaving chest, when I was asleep, while I ate, and especially when in danger. Soon enough, I understood what it did to me.

It made me disappear!


I wore it often, but even wearing it around my neck made me feel tired and stretched.

When I once met this hobbitses called Bilbo – Ok enough fiction.
Wait, really? Can we ever get enough of fiction?
Anyway, I did find this ring. In the Misty Mountains. Ok fine. I’ll tell you for real. I found it in Mordo- OK! I found it at The Entertainment Store, Church Street! Hmpf.
It does, however, have the same effects as those on Gollum.
I even began speaking like him!

Ok don’t freak out. I still sound normal, although my throat feels weird after doing that impression. My colleagues are fed up of the ring. Not of it’s existence, but of my banter about it. They think it’s mindless. Little do they know how many people want to get their hands on it.

Oh you beauty!

Of course, it made a great prop for pictures. It looks so effortlessly beautiful.
If you’re wondering what the inscription is, it says,

One Ring to rule them all,
One ring to find them;
One ring to bring them all,
and in the darkness bind them.

It’s written in the Black Speech of Mordor, since Sauron forged it himself.


Ok if you’re not a Lord of the Rings fan, it’s going to sound like geek talk to you. So never mind. Just look at the ring and feast your eyes.

Favourite picture

Also, if you don’t know Lord of the Rings, get to know it. Don’t waste your life without reading it.

Thank you Mr. Tolkien!


4 thoughts on “My precious!

  1. from one LOTR fan to another – simply WOW! :O brilliant article. totally loved the images and of course the GIF .. made me giggle ^_^


  2. oh! & i totally forgot to mention the Gollum impersonation .. until i read the next para after, i assumed you had simply shared a link to the actual Gollum’s voice from the movie :D that’s how damn good it was :)


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