God, are you listening?

Dear God, I’ve been meaning to write to you for quite some time. In fact, I thought about it during the second week of September, when I came to meet you at the Malur temple. At that time the #IceBucketChallenge was at its peak and I saw you participate too, except it wasn’t voluntary. You were not only doused with ice cold water, but also ghee, milk, curd, honey, sugar, banana pulp, turmeric and so much more. You were in the form of Lord Narasimha that day, the lion-headed form of Vishnu, mythically known for ripping out Hirankashapu’s intestines. I was wondering why people were feeding you, a carnivore, with things that I eat as a pure vegetarian. It struck me as bizarre. But Su offered me another explanation that those were not for you to eat, but they were used to give you a nice snaana so that you can have glowing skin – like royalty, is what she said. But for all I cared, it was just a waste of a packet of Nandini milk and curd, because you were just a rock, sitting there with a poker face, not responding to the beautifying treatment one bit. Instead of wasting it, I could have eaten it, or given it to one of those poor people outside the temple, who would have relished a rare meal delightfully.

Nevertheless, I had a pleasant time at Malur anyway amidst nature, the farmlands, the gigantic shady trees and the stray animals there. Also, at office yesterday, we also did a pooja for you. This time, you were in the form of Saraswathi, the flawless, calm Goddess who plays the veena. Or at least I’m guessing that’s who you were, because I couldn’t see the idol the poojari was dressing up. You were hidden beneath all those flowers and clothes. I was standing way at the back. You might not have seen me either. That pooja was like a test of patience for all of us in office. It went on for half an hour, and 30 people stood before you, shifting restlessly from one leg to the other, sending text messages to postpone meetings and waiting for the final aarti so they could get back to their chairs.

Now, you may wonder why I’m telling you all this. It’s just that every time these kind of mass prayers happen, I never get to talk to you enough. Besides, I’m more comfortable writing to you than talking to you. And I don’t get the point of mass prayers anyway, because at the end of the day, it’s just that one faithful person really praying to you. Everyone else is in their own world, mentally distracted. I don’t mean to offend you by saying you have just one guy praying to you, and I know you know what I mean because you can see right through me, through everybody. That’s what I’ve been told ever since I was born anyway. I don’t see a point in trying to make a conversation with you, because I need to have my eyes closed to concentrate, and a few people find it amusing when I keep my eyes closed. I have been through that phase of course, where I giggled when people tried to concentrate. It just doesn’t make sense. There’s too much distraction. The point of praying to you is to be able to talk to solely you, to thank you for everything you’ve given us and ask you for everything else that we want, right?

I wish you’d let people know that one doesn’t have to travel a thousand kilometres to see you and pray to you. Chumma you let these people do what they think will please you and you laugh at them inwardly. Don’t think I don’t know. It’s not cool, God.

Please somehow let people know that you don’t care about that hundred rupee note that they put in the aarti, or the silk saris they adorn you with or the thousand shlokas they chant without knowing what it means. (I myself can chant the entire vishnusahasranama and I have no clue what a single word means! This blogpost is way more meaningful to me.) Tell them that they don’t have to waste precious resources on idols, when there are a million poor people in this country who don’t have a single rupee. Tell them that all they have to do to please you is be good people. Tell them they don’t have to go out of their way to be good. Even a simple act such as picking something someone dropped and returning it to them is good, right? I sure hope so. It was nice talking to you, God. Thanks for listening.


5 thoughts on “God, are you listening?

  1. I could imagine you saying all this and the use of ‘chumma’ bang in the middle of everything was so you swathi :) Bdw totally agree with you. I think most of the time we forget the meaning behind our religion and blindly follow the rituals. If you focus on being a good person then that’s as close to following your religion as you can ever get.


  2. Am so glad dat u thought so much. Let me say few things. Its wonderful feeling wen we knw dat god is every wer. Den y dont we respect evrything around us irrespective of wat it is wethr living or non living? ??? If god pops up one day in front of you, what will you do???? Cry, hug him, thank him…..probably even more! If god is everywer n in every particle den why dont we respect a begger wen he accidently touches us??? Who ever told us god is everywer is right but probably he/she dint tell us dat we r not capable of seeing god. Now tell me how would u recognise god if he pops up in front you??? How??? Probably we dint reach to dat level of perception we can see god every wer around us n dats wat sadhus did go get dat perception. We r not receptive to higher levels of energy.
    why go to temple???
    Since god is everywer, energy is everywer, if we wer receptive enough to see n feel dat den we need not go to temple. What if we r not receptive???? For dat purpose dey designed temples wer energy is raised to certain level n den locked we call it consecration. So our elders always ask us to sit in temple wen ever u visit. So dat u can recive dat energy. Sadly der r not many temples left which are consecrated.

    Why use milk n other things???

    yes I agree dat we can feed poor. Des r mere formalities so dat atlst ppl in the name of offering will go to temple n receive dat energy. And also des offering increases the life of dat stone, so dat it vl serve for hundreds of years n des temples feed many poor ppl on daily basis if not all atlst few. Der is lot of nonsense has been taught to us. Its not compulsory to close our eyes. If you close your eyes atlst u can cut off few things n calm ur mind n get relaxed to become receptive enough. If you can do it with open eyes its still ok.

    This message was not to offend you. If u dont agree you can just leave it. If you agree still u can leave it. Bcz nothing is right or wrong or good or bad. Its just we see only one face of coin. Which is also true.


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