When you stop being in a relationship


I was listening to music on my phone the other day, when an obscure song by Creed began playing. Stand Here With Me. The intro struck a wave of nostalgia through me and took me back in time by five years. Or perhaps four. I can’t remember clearly. It was the first song Rahul dedicated to me. He is a big fan of Creed and their subsequent band, Alter Bridge.

I’d never listened to the song before. I remember how comical he seemed that day when he dedicated the song to me.

I was at the mobile phone store, Sangeetha, if I’m not wrong, with my dad. I bought an E63. Back then Rahul and I were heavy texters. We texted each other all day – right from Good morning until Good night, and sometimes that Good Night would come only in the morning after an all-night bout of texting. So when I bought the new phone, I wanted his first text on my phone to be something special. He never usually thinks of these “special” things. I always have to coax him into doing them. So I texted him from my brand new phone saying, “Hey! I just bought a new phone. Send me a nice first message on this phone. : )”

The genius that he is, he replied with, “Like what ya?”

Sigh. So that’s what I got for a first text message. I think I responded with, “Never mind, you’re dumb,” or something on those lines. Actually, wait. I don’t think I had the cheek to call him dumb back then. I was still in mode where I was intimidated by his intelligence in other fields like Sports, Math and Geography. I just thought aiyo and asked him to send a special second message.

He responded with the lyrics of the song “You always reached out to me, and helped me believe. All those memories we share, I will cherish every one of them. The truth of it is there’s a right way to live and you showed me. So now, you live on, in the words of a song. You’re a melody. You stand here with me. :-P”

I read the lyrics and thought Err… What? This is so cheesy, but cute I guess! But I’d be lying if I said I could relate to it. And I’m sure he couldn’t either. We had known each other for only around five months and singing about “cherishable memories,” I thought, was a bit far-fetched.

I went back home and listened to the song. The classic Mark Tremonti intro put a smile on my face. I loved the tune. But the lyrics? The second paragraph started with, “Just when fear blinded me, you taught me to dream.” Oooookkaayyyy riiight. I burst out laughing. I knew Rahul would be laughing at the idea too! He just needed to dedicate a song and he did. I just needed a special message on my new phone and I got it. But to think either of us could relate to the lyrics is absurd! We were just kids, intoxicated by the idea of a relationship. It was all about excitement for us. We hadn’t experienced anything that was remotely testing/emotional. All we did was go out to bowl at amoeba, have lunch, perhaps go for a movie and live a carefree life. That was about it. There was no fear blinding us, no dreaming to be taught.

At least back then, that was it. Now, five years later, when I listen to the song, I realize I can relate to every single line. “I’ve learnt the world is bigger than me. You’re my daily dose of reality.” Haha I sure am his daily dose of reality and I don’t know if that’s a good thing. : P “I’ll give you everything I am, and still fall short of what you’ve done for me.”

I know that when you’re in love, the lyrics of every love song will seem perfect. But this song is more than just the lyrics. This song itself is a cherishable memory.

We have gone from acquaintances to friends to being in a relationship. But I don’t think we’re in a relationship anymore. A relationship requires two people and I think we stopped being two different people a long time ago.

Happy five years, mister.

PS: It’s high time you wrote a song for me. Thanks. : P


4 thoughts on “When you stop being in a relationship

  1. OMG Swati, I loved this one! It made laugh at certain points and relate to the heavy texting. It’s personal enough to understand the two people without getting into much detail. It’s amazing how little things matter :)


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