About being a harried 24-year-old tax payer

Life has suddenly gotten too overwhelming, hasn’t it? People my age will probably understand. I’m 24 right now. Will soon turn 25. As each day passes, I expect things in my head to get sorted out, but it turns out there are just more and more complications!

This evening, I found myself debating taxes and insurances with my parents. I’ve to shell out Rs.40,000 a year from now on for insurances, just to be exempted from paying taxes, but unfortunately that amount happens to be more than I’ll ever pay for my taxes! What’s the point? My parents say they’ll pay the amount; but apparently, I have to pay my own insurance money to not pay taxes. And if I mention anything further to my parents, they lose temper within minutes and I’d just rather say OK and get on with it. Aaaa it’s irritating to even think about it.


Why can’t we just earn, keep the money in our house, spend it and be happy? Who the hell invented banking and insurances and taxes and shit. I truly hate that person. (I might not be saying that many years later when I get my money back, I’m guessing. I’ll be richer than ever! I had better be.)

Well, money is perhaps 10 per cent of what’s eating me up. All over Facebook, people are getting married and having babies. People my age!! Some girls I went to school with and sat next to, on the same bench, wearing pinafores and drawing margin lines in notebooks, have two babies already!! And here I am, thinking about whether I like pizza or pasta better. Sigh.

I’m not saying I want to have two babies. I’m not going to have any. I’m going to keep puppies instead. But the point is, I don’t know how they’re all confident enough to have babies!

But then again, babies aren’t even the problem right now. I suppose marriage is. There’s so much pressure from all sides to get married. It’s not just me. Even people around me are being pressurised everyday. It’s so ridiculous. My parents don’t bother me much, but my grandparents won’t let me hear the end of it. If I relent and say “Fine, I’ll get married,” they start attaching dates to it.

“How about next April? Like your sister?”

“No, tatha. I don’t want to get married in summer. I prefer winter. Maybe December.”

“Really? This December? Wow that’s great! Now we’ll just have to figure out whom you can marry.”

The concept of prioritising just went flying out the window.

Fine, let’s say I’m alright with getting married, which I kind of am, I guess, since I’ve found someone and everything, but the next ten questions pop out at me like boxing gloves. Kapow! Where, how much to spend, what kind of wedding, on what scale should it be, whom to invite, should I do it how I want to or should I relent and let others organise a traditional wedding. My god! Really, it’s mental!

I told my grandpa last week that I will have a simple wedding with 50 people, if I do. He lost it. He said, “Look, the wedding is not about you or how you want it. (Wait, what?) It’s about us being happy about the occasion and sharing the happiness with others.” At most of our family weddings, everyone gets to invite everyone they want. So there’s usually about 2,000 people.

I don’t mean to be rude, but I don’t exactly want to have my grandpa’s walking friends or some tenants who lived twenty years ago in some house we built. It’s so pointless. I just want to have people who mean a lot to me and no one else. Why can’t I have things my way! Why can’t life be easier, god?

Even on the work front, there’s so much going on! Working at a start-up really is a rollercoaster ride. I’m literally playing some ten roles at work and I wish I could add two more hours to my everyday.

Home (my room, specifically) is the only place where I’m at peace, in my mosquito net, with a book in my hand. And it kills me to know that I’m gonna have to give my room up and go away if I ever get married. Which is so ridiculous. Why does the girl have to move into the boy’s house and why not the opposite? Life is just so worrying man.

Turning old sucks. Wish I could go back to college and deal with mindless assignments and chemistry practicals again. That was so much simpler.

Now, I have to deal with too many complications and I’m not ready for it.

How am I gonna tell my grandpa that his walking friends aren’t invited?


PS: I just needed a place to rant. :P


9 thoughts on “About being a harried 24-year-old tax payer

  1. Just let him read this post Swathi ;P, he’ll get the idea I suppose. I completely identify with every word you wrote. I guess, however we have no choice but to grow up. Let’s just be glad we have the option to make the choices that we want to in life.

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  2. Insurance is done to reduce the tax amount U r paying n U cannot avoid paying tax. It depends on your income. As the year passes ur income will increase n this insurance amount will be nothing, n U will be saving lot of tax amount. As per ur choice U can invite only 50 people for your marriage. Even I too had suggested the same for my marriage, but the father of the girl did not agree n they spent nearly 1.5 lakhs for the marriage in 1983. After marriage U can stay in ur house along with ur husband. U need not go to his house. In olden days they use to move to husbands house to make atte seve. Now a days it is not so as the size will be employed n shenp does not have time for atte seve. It is your choice to bring him to ur house. So do not worry get married soon n enjoy ur life.

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  3. Hahah and rant you did! I totally get what you are going through. ..been there too :)
    There will always be people living lives different than yours, always be family pressuring you about one thibg or another – today its marriage, tomorrow it will be about having kids! It never stops. The easiest way, and believe me when I tell you this, is to just take it in a stride and continue doing what your heart and mind tell you to do. Do what makes you happy. Period.


  4. Hey swathi! This is the first post I have read from u… Each tym I came across ur posts n updates I just din feel to read thru.. (Well I am sorry for that).. But really ur write ups are so amazing…… And will Neva miss any from nw… Loved it!! And ya can completely understand the complexity….. Its Neva going to end…
    Belive me married n out of my room wala feeling is the worst especially wen two sisters shared the same room…. Wen u ask her anything n the reply wud be ” u come once a while so HW does it matter” aarrgghhh its even more worse….


  5. Show this post to your granpa :p wishing you all the happiness in this world ^_^ keep smiling :) really liked this post :) wish i could be part of your wedding too *sigh* :D


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