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Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Art 13
A watercolour painting I made of the Deadwing album by Porcupine Tree
Silhouette 1 birdie
A bird on a tree. I feel this picture is so Twitter-esque.
silhouette 2 hrishi
Sunset at Paradise Beach in Mangalore. It’s all about timing.
Silhouette 3 bessie
Sunrise at Besant Nagar beach, Chennai
silhouette 4 hand
Love sunsets in Kerala

Looks like I love sunsets and sunrises too much. But mostly, I love silhouettes. 

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Into the ocean

What is it about the beach that soothes you?

Is it that feeling you get when the ocean tries to pull you in? Is it when you overpower the ocean against all odds and stand your ground?

Is it watching a fisher-woman salute her daily bread during day break?

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Or perhaps watching a carefree dog enjoy a splash in the waves?

It is strange how the everlasting ferocity and intensity of a beach are associated with thoughts of peace and serenity. The enormity of the ocean never ceases to amaze me.

After coming to Chennai, I bought a cycle and decided to go to Besant Nagar every morning to watch the sun rise. That way I’d stay fit and begin my day with a sense of peace and freshness. I wouldn’t say I made it a habit, because waking up at 5am is no easy task when you live in a hostel.

But on the days that I did manage to go, I was mind blown. The shimmering water under the sun, different colours splashed across the giant sky, ships floating as tiny specks at the horizon, the cool breeze, none of these will ever get old.

Beaches seem to be perfect for any activity at any time of the day. Be it playing ‘catch me if you can’ with the waves, lying in the sand and gazing at stars or just sipping beer at a shack by a beach. You’d much rather meet someone at the beach than at, say, Coffee Day.

Beaches give you time and space for thought. The sights and sounds create a perfect background for introspection. The splashing of waves is almost musical. At the same time, there is nothing like playing catch or football in the sand. Or perhaps walking your dog.

And the best part is, the deeper you go, the more beautiful the water gets. And it’s as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. Underwater life is one of the most fascinating things. And I’m ever so jealous of dolphins, who rise majestically out of the surface and dive right back into their blue world. They get the best of both worlds.

I realize I’m drifting away from my topic. It’s difficult to not let your mind wander when it comes to writing. It’s like playing rapid fire. One word is enough to set your mind off on a different tangent, into a completely different realm.

There is just something about beaches.