What does rain make man do?

Imagine the first ever human being experiencing the first ever rain on Earth.

  • Would he be shocked?water 3
  • Would he run, fearing the rain?
  • Would he seek shelter?
  • Would he stare into the sky, looking for the source? 
  • Would he consider it magical? A Godsend, perhaps? 
  • Would he stick his tongue out to taste it? “Is it water? What is it?”
  • Would he consider it sorcery? An act of pure evil, felling trees and destroying shelter?
  • Would he send an animal outside of his shelter first, to test the strange downpour?
  • Would he dance with joy and jump around in the puddles? 
  • Would he cry tears of joy mixed with rain drops, thanking the sky for relieving him of summer heat? “A blessing this is! Whatever it is!” 
  • Or would he freeze to death? 

What does man do now, at the sight of rain, anyway? 

  • He pauses with shock. “Omg! Rain!” water2
  • He runs, fearing the rain. 
  • He seeks shelter.
  • He stares into the sky. Think about it. It’s your instinctive reaction. 
  • He thinks its a Godsend. 
  • He sticks his tongue out to taste it. “Ah! Fresh, cool water!” 
  • He curses the rain, for felling trees, making him wet and for putting his evening out of control.
  • He sends a stray, shelter-seeking animal out of his house, because “ew!” 
  • He dances with joy and jumps in puddles. 
  • He cries with joy, thanking the Gods of rain, for relieving him of summer heat.
  • Or he freezes to death. 


Has man evolved at all? 


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